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James Williamson
Official Website:
James Williamson on Twitter
James Williamson on MySpace

Official Iggy Pop Virgin Records website
Official Website

Representation: Iggy Pop
Central European Organization

Music Publisher
Bug MUsic

Iggy Pop/ Stooges Fan websites
Iggy and the Stooges Group on Facebook
Iggy Pop on Facebook
Iggy Pop/.Stooges on Facebook
Iggy Pop: The Rock Iguana
I-94 Bar: Australian punk site, James Williamson, Scott and Ron Asheton

Iggy Pop/ Stooges Fan Forums
Stooges Forum
Google Groups
Network 54: Iggy Pop and the Stooges

Scott and Ron Asheton
2005 i94 Bar interview with Ron Asheton
AMG: Ron Asheton
AMG: Scott Asheton
New Race: Ron Asheton, Dennis Tek band
Scot's Pirates: Scott Asheton band
Sonic's Rendezvous Scott Asheton's band
I-94 Bar: Australian punk site, James Williamson, Scott and Ron Asheton,

Mike Watt
Mike Watt's Hootpage

Steve Mackay
Steve Mackay on MySpace

Scott Thurston
Scott Thurston

Jimmy Recca
Jimmy Recca

Zeke Zettner
Zeke Zettner

Photographers and Authors
Robert Matheu
Heather Harris
Will Hodgkinson
Richard Meade
Phlippe Mogane
Jeffrey Morgan
Mick Rock
Seth Tiven
Paul Trynka

Great site for the history of Detroit rock:
Detroit & Southeastern Michigan Rock 'n' Roll: 1966-1972

Bill Asher
Todd Clinesmith
Mike Dotson
Tony Francis
James Goodall
Brian Michael
Hermann Weissenborn

Artist/ Band/ Venue links
The Black Keys
Jerry Byrd
John Cale
Careless Hearts
Cindy Cashdollar
Alice Cooper
The Cramps
The Damned
The Dead Boys
The Dictators
Mike Dotson
Bob Dylan
Marianne Faithfull
Joe Henry
Bill Leff
Greg Leisz
David Lindley
Johnny Marr
J Mascis
Max's Kansas City
The Misfits
Scott Morgan
Mike Neer
Les Paul
Tom Petty
The Ramones
Lou Reed
Gary Rasmussen
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Henry Rollins Show on IFC
Patti Smith

The Sonic's Rendezvous Band
Sonic Youth
Johndesxany Thunders Cyber Lounge
Tom Waits
Gillian Welch
Jack White

Rock publications
Creem Magazine

Paraphilia Magazine
Punk Magazine
Rolling Stone
Search and Destroy: The Punk Rock & Roll Search Engine

Record Companies
Bomp Records
Cleopatra Record
Easy Action Records
Siamese Dog Records