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Planeta Terra 2009 -- now live online!

The entire Stooges' Planeta Terra 2009 set, in order from the beginning song "Raw Power" to the last "Lust For Life" and post show interview:on MySpace Video - Straight James Williamson's Video Channel & Video Clips

Much Thanks to Rod Bell, "the studio guy" who used an open proxy server to get this in the States.

IPhone users can see it here, but not in setlst order...


Videos from the November. 7. 2009 Planeta Terra show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Listed not in setlist order, but in order of best video and audio quality,** denotes live feed from Festival site, professional quality.


1. Raw Power
2. Kill City**
3. Search & Destroy**
4. Gimme Danger**
5. Cock In My Pocket
6. Shake Appeal**
7. Loose
8. 1970**
9. Fun House**
10. Night Theme**
11. Skull Ring**
12. Johanna**
13. I Got A Right**
14. I Wanna Be Your Dog


15. Five Foot One**
16. The Passenger
17. Death Trip
18. Lust For Life



"Shake Appeal" stage invasion!**



From (all from live feed in this group - professional quality)

Night Theme/Skull Ring



Gimme Ganger




Kill City

I Got A Right

Search and Desroy

  More coming -- cb, posted 11:30 EST Nov 9. 2009.  
  James Williamson and the Careless Hearts played to a packed house at the Blank Club, Sept 5, 2009, content updated 9.9.09. Full show to be released by Easy Action UK, previews to be available here.  

The Show started with "Raw Power "                                              "Cock In My Pocket"

"Funhouse"                                                                                              "No Sense Of Crime"

 "TV Eye"                                                                                                 "Search and Destroy"                 




Show exertscoming soon, shot by photojournalist Robert Wellington usinnf a mobile camera, and also from James' mounted stationary camera.





Stay tuned for video of James Williamson and the Careless Hearts playing Raw Power at the Blank Club, San Jose, CA. Doors 9PM. Tickets

  So until we get new live video, here is "Raw Power" via YouTube.
RECORDED: CBS Studios, London, September 10 - October 6 1972
RELEASED: CBS, May 1973 (US) June 1973 (UK)
PERSONEL: The Stooges